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In this Wiki Jonas and Rene describe the Product Requirement Document for a new version of metalcon. On this wiki we will also link to the source code of metalcon and provide as much documentation as possible.

Also read more about our Architecture and our current way and benchmarking of Finding Technologies

Our key features will be

  • a personalized social newsstream with information and updates from friends, favourite bands and the region of a user.
  • a Metal data base with information about the worlds metal bands, their concerts, releases, and reviews.
    • especially a media portal that is able to stream music and videos and makes use of pictures.
  • a social search function that enables our users to find the most relevant information including recommendations from their friends who they trust.
  • Metalcon social plugins and Metalcon API will enable other websites to interact with our service
  • mobile applications will also spread the experience from the browser to your cell phone

Join our team - There are many ways for you to contribute!

you can...

we are also looking for talented...

  • ...experts in Design, User experience and Human computer interaction if you are and want to contribute tell us!
  • ...sociologists that want to discuss ways to design a social networking site and how to combine issues of privacy and data sharing.

If you run a website and you want to be a beta tester of metalcon social plugins and metalcon API you can contact us and we will tell you as soon as we are ready to open,,, ,,,

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