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search is a highly underestimated key feature of any website. that is why we will focus here on our search function. There are obviously two aproaches. One is fulltext search of the website which would be equivalent to including google search and the other one is to create a specialized search function. we will focus on the secound approach.



  • fast responding autocompletion a demo can be found at
    • the auto completion as well as the search needs to be merged with global relevance score results and personalized results
  • strong ranking system
  • spell checking
  • similar search querries


  • own database or index for autocompletion on a selected dataset with global relevance scores?
  • Pagerank / hits / slasa and other smart structures

functions / data

we want to search on the following data:

  • bandnames
  • album titles
  • city names
  • venue names
  • user names

me might search on or include as add-ons to other search results:

  • track titles
  • fotos
  • fulltext bandinfo / message board / profile

web search

certain content from other websites could be included to the metalcon graph... e.g. reviews / interviews / photographs / songs and so on

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