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what happens if a new user is registered?

We need to increase his user experience as much as possible and offer him most interesting content! We should also make him feel good about his Privacy! all the following steps should be supported with videos explaining to the user why we are doing this and what his benefit is. the steps should not be mandetory but the user should feel happy about them and about his choice and our transparicy! If metalcon really takes off, we should make professional videos!

  • who can see your profile (your friends / metalcon / the web without my name / the web with my name)
  • who can see that you are online
  • do you want to be visible in user search?
  • do you want to receive direct mails from bands (without metalcon giving away
  • metalcon is adfree and from metalheads. Is it cool for you if your user behaviour is stored and analyzied for scientific purpose?
    • can we publish your behavior (totally anonymized) for scientific reasons? Thank you!

We should also try to get more information from the user in a way that we ask him to provide information but also make it sensable for him that this is usefull. Sources of information we can get:

  • connection to his facebook profile
    • just his friendlist
    • his favourite music bands
    • his location
    • others?
  • connection to his profile
    • friends
    • music
  • his email provider
    • gmail
    • hotmail
    • yahoo
    • outlook

with this info we should calculate more predictions about what he likes and we should handle this data carefully! There is a lot of information in this data that can be used for any new user!

We should show him news feeds based on his browsing history and the interests we guessed for him. The same we should guess for his profile and ask him how much information from what we already know he wants to take over to his profile!

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