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Technical specifications

  • html5 : is a modern standard that is supported by gwt and allows to write applications in a webbrowser
  • gwt : Google web toolkit is a tool that allows to programm in Java but create AJAX based developements
  • neo4j : is the best stable open source graph data base available. It's architecture is more suitable for social networks and semantic web than relational databases
  • datascheme : a brief description of our data base scheme
  • caching : the process of caching and how it is integrated in our back and frontend
  • semantic web : there is a lot of linked open data for music. metalcon is supposed to join the efforts of the semantic web and integrate with services like freebase, musicbrainz,...
  • data mining : everything related to data mining techniques...
  • ideas : hear is a list of interesting topics we should look at

User Interface / Human Computer Interaction

this is our weekness. We need some one on the team or some other competence within this category!


Metalcon will become the combination of an archieve of metal music in combination with a social network for metal fans and bands as well as other actors within the industry.

general features

  • wikipedia for metal
    • music information (bands, records, tracks, reviews, interviews)
    • regional information (bands, countries, cities, venues, events)
    • media content as meshup (music streaming / video)
  • newsstream personalized to the interests of our users
    • metalpedia news (music and regional information based on users interest)
    • social news (from friends...)
  • possibility for (underground) bands to promote themselves and sell products

content is generated by users (fans and bands) and will also be retrieved from the social web (e.g. the bands facebook profile) via semantic features.

social features

  • API to share metalpedia data with other websites
  • social search (e.g. good relevance rankings of content and to enrich search results with social data)
  • own profile (for users AND bands, venues,...)
  • message systems (pm, wall, "to mosh")
  • tagging system
  • foto upload and tagging
  • discussion and commenting system for any topic or conent of interest
  • friendfinder

semantic / social features

  • integration of Music Ontology
  • it is connected with freebase
  • it consists of a worldwide geo data base
  • connection with Facebook, youtube, musicbrainz,, flickr
  • possibility to connect with webzines (e.g. via freebase)
  • RDF export of metalpedia data as linked open data

scientific features

metalcon can be used for scientific reasons.

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