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  • news feed (promo tool shout to your crowd!)
  • city guide
  • metal archive
  • social metal web (Like Button, social plugins, ...)
  • promo songs for bands (which are pushed among a large fraction of relevant metalcon users / depending on feedback of the song)


  • prevent copyright violation
  • enforce good privacy settings for the user
  • content moderation (is new content (especially drawn from other web sites) suggested to a view power users and republished / modified by them or directly pushed to anybody)
  • email settings
  • band / label verification (put a metatag / html file on their website or include metalcon like button social plugins) neccessary before music can be uploaded


  • photo cropping
  • cookie tracking
  • recommendation engines
  • page extends itself when coming down
  • mark up of posts
  • preview of content
  • crawl and index linked web sites
  • semantic markup of data especially following some protocols for social communication (maybe an ontology or define an own protocol)
  • use trust providers like google, facebook, twitter for login and also for matching friends in the social graph

data import

  • user generated content
  • facebook (especially newsfeed of bands! invite friends)
  • wikipedia
  • LOD
  • youtube (videos)
  • / songkick
  • flickr / photos

Todo list an controlling for our PRD we have to specify tasks and topics for all our all our categories.

Also we have to create todo lists for each task and topic and lable it with [[:Category:Product Requirement Document]] and [[:Category:CATNAME]]

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